Our Farms

We have partnered with more than 100 reputed farms practicing traditional organic farming methods across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Now we are available with more than 200 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables every year and provide atleast 70 varieties of these in each delivery.
Haritham Organics
Haritham Organics, a farmer group of about 10-15 neighbours lead by a well experienced farmer, Mr. Satheeshan produces fresh organic vegetables in Aroor, Kochi. They follow traditional methods of organic farming and mainly produce nadan vegetables such as Cheera, long beans etc. Their land is highly fertile and they use their own water resource in the farm for organic farming.
Mr. Babu Kuriakose
Mr. Babu Kuriakose is a professor in MA College Kothamangalam but basically a farmer by heart. He practices aquaponics in his organic farm in Kothamangalam where plants are growed without soil. Here, plants are fed with the waste of aquatic animals; such as Fish. He mainly produce Banana (Nendran) and vegetables such as Cheera.
Cochin International Airport
Organic farming in CIAL was shaped with a concept utilizing the vacant spaces in between the solar PV plant. Farming was initiated in 2015 in an area of 58 acres and they produced Ladies Finger, Long beans, blonde cucumber, Ash guard and pumpkin. Later others veggies such as tomato, ginger, turmeric etc were also cultivated. At present around 3 acres of land around PV plant was identified and more additional crops such as green chilly, snake guard , bitter guard etc are also being cultivated.
Vimal Varghese Organic Farm
Vimal Varghese Organic Farm in Kandanad was initiated by two farming experts Vinod and Manu with a good experience in the field of organic farming. They follow traditional farming methods using natural manures like cow dung and natural homemade pesticides. Their farms are very well organised and they mainly produce vegetables of gourd family such as bitter guard, Ash guard, Snake guard. They also grow pumpkin, watermelon, long beans etc.
Earth Trust
Earth trust is a group of about 80 farmers introducing organic and biodynamic farming and giving tools for health and stress management to women in rural and tribal villages of the Nilgiris of South India. They have been growing Organic products for the past few years and conducting weekly fair in Ooty and Coonoor. They follow indigenous ways of cultivation and traditional healing techniques being sync with nature. Besides hill vegetables and fruits, they also offer rice, wheat, millet, oils and many other indigenous products of Nilgiris.
Mergin Organic Farm
Mergin Organic Farm, with a rich experience of more than 5 years, supplies organic fruits and vegetables and herbals produced on highly fertile land in Kanjikode, Palakkad. Their farms are fully equipped land with Drip Irrigation System and they practice the use of vermicompost in organic farming. It's high quality concern and huge quantity have made them the leader in the industry of supplying of organic fruits and vegetables. Mainly they are specialized in Amla, banana, vegetables etc.
Varghese's Organic Farm
Varghese's Organic Farm, situated in Odakkali, completely follows traditional farming practices. He started with farming organic vegetables but later the highly fertile soil, very good for growing Bananas made him focus on Banana itself. They use natural manures such as cow dung compost etc; produced there itself.
Organic Wayanad
Farms of organic wayanad are situated in the very middle of wild green western ghats and are all specialized in the conservation and organic cultivation of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants since 1991. The highly fertile soil, their farming style and high quantity have made them one of the top organic cultivators in Kerala. Over 1700 local farmers have been facilitated to switch to organic farming and helped to avail organic certification. They promote environmental sustainability and organic product marketing support.
Dr.C.R.Rajan's Organic Farm
Dr. C R Rajan is a doctor in Badarinath Ayurveda Hospital, Athani. His rich experience in organic farming. His organic farm, situated in Palakkad, follows the very famous Subhash Palekhar farming methods; the zero budget spiritual farming where the cow dung is used as manure for 30 acres of land. He mainly produce vegetables such as long beans, tomato, chilly etc.

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